Mar 26, 2021
Martin Goodson

The Four Foundation of Mindful Awareness: Body

Gateway Talks

A teaching that provides the foundation for Buddhist practice, as taught by the historical Buddha Gautuma.

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 And again, monks, a monk when going, knows "I am going"; when standing, he knows "I am standing"; when sitting, he knows "I am sitting"; when lying down, he knows "I am lying down"; Or he knows any other positions of the body. Thus he dwells practising body – contemplation on the body internally, or externally, or both internally and externally. He dwells contemplating origination factors in the body, or he dwells contemplating dissolution factors in the body, or he dwells contemplating both origination and dissolution factors in the body. Or his mindfulness that "there is a body" is established in him to the extent necessary for knowledge and mindfulness. Independently he dwells clinging to nothing in the world. Thus indeed, a monk dwells practising body contemplation on the body.

 (Maha Satipatthana Sutta tr. Nyanaponika Mahathera)

 In this podcast: 

•        body - rupa - the first of the Four foundations, why begin with the body?

•        The difference between sense-consciousness (vijnana) and awareness (sati)

•        The energic value of bodily awareness and its transformation

•        ‘Giving myself’ away into the doing - Sokei-an and the ocean waves.


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