The Zen Gateway is an on-line magazine for anyone who practices or is interested in Chan/Zen Buddhism.

You can contact us via our email: rinzai@thezengateway.com

Our aim is to promote the understanding, education and practice of Zen Buddhism in modern everyday life. To accomplish this aim we feature quality articles on the Buddhist teachings and practice, particularly from the Chan/Zen schools, and provide resources and information for groups and individuals following a Buddhist practice. In addition we feature articles on related subjects that either reflect the influence of the Buddha's teachings or may be used to highlight those teachings.


The Zen Gateway was founded in 2012 by Michael Haggiag and Martin Goodson, both of whom are lay-practitioners from the Rinzai Zen school. They are also the current site administrators.

They both trained under Ven. Myokyo-ni (Daiyu Myokyo Zenji), who trained for 12 years at Daitoku-ji Zen Training Monastery in Kyoto under Master Sesso Soho and Master Kannun Sojun.

The Zen Gateway magazine is the online publishing arm of The Zen Gateway Trust: Reg. Charity No. 1185762.