May 22, 2021
Martin Goodson

The Four Foundation of Mindful Awareness: Mind

Dharma Talks

From the buddhist perspective mind includes more than just thinking. It is the place where all experience can be experienced.

Panoramic view o the Milky Way


And how, monks, does a monk dwell practising mind – contemplation on the mind?

Herein a monk knows the mind with lust, as was lust; the mind without lust as without lust; the mind with hate as with hate; the mind without hate as without hate; the mind with delusion as with delusion; the mind without delusion as without delusion.

(Maha Satipatthana Sutta tr. Nyanaponika Mahathera)


In this podcast:

  • What is ‘Mind’ and what are the Buddhist theories of Mind?

  • The Three Fires and how they drive the Wheel of Rebirth

  • How fear can distort the way we ‘see’ the world around us

  • How delusion causes ‘mis-direction’ of the causes of our distress

  • Making a pact with the devil!

  • Encountering the Shadow and the importance of this in spiritual development

The Four Foundation of Mindful Awareness: Mind


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