Jul 8, 2024
Martin Goodson

Transcending Mindfulness: 1 | Sacred Places & Conscious Transformation


The psychology of architecture, place and the profound effects this can have on consciousness.

Jamie Shavdia (jamieshavdia.co.uk) and Martin Goodson return after a number of years since their previous Zen Bites podcast with a new series. This time they will be making an eclectic number of recordings on subjects that are emerging from the fringes of science, psychology and spirituality.

Jamie Shavdia is a qualified psychotherapist whose work integrates cognitive, behavioural, hypo-therapeutic imagery and mindfulness-based psychology. He is also a practicing Zen Buddhist. He lives in Essex.

 Martin Goodson is a Zen teacher based in London and is co-Founder of The Zen Gateway online resource centre. He teaches at The Zen Centre and The Buddhist Society, both based in London.

…In this podcast Jamie and Martin discuss:

•   Based on an article called Deconstructing the Effect of Spiritual Architecture by Julio Bermudez.

•   Psychogeography, how architecture can affect psychology of those who move through a place.

•   How do holy places, churches, temples, mosques and synagogues affect the mind and consciousness.

•   Is Stonehenge designed to change consciousness? Is orientation of sacred sites part of that affect?

•   They talk about their own experiences of finding peace and spiritual retreat in a busy city. How a quiet spacious exterior is translated into an inner state.

•   They discuss the Western scientific interest as well as talking about the long standing Chinese interest through disciplines like Feng Shui on this topic.

•   How do other knowledge systems, such as chakras & hermeticism, open up an understanding of this subject?

•   What does this have to say on the subject of environmentalism and our relationship to it?

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