May 19, 2020

Beginning Zen training

These two talks give the principles and practices for starting Zen training.

Part 1 - Zen in Daily Life

Welcome to this introduction to Zen Practice also known as 'daily life practice', so called because it is a practice to be cultivated in our ordinary lives on a day-to-day basis.

Having familiarised ourselves with some of the basic Buddhist teachings (the Zen school being a school of Buddhism), we now set out to put into practice what the Buddha taught.

The central practice is simply put - to give myself whole-heartedly into what at this moment is being done anyway.

Part 2 - The Form of Zen Practice

In this second of two talks on starting out in the Zen training, the importance on form is discussed and suggestions as to how to introduce it into daily life practice are given.

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What is Zen Buddhism?

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