Apr 9, 2023
Michael Haggiag

9. The Restaurant


Dylan has an important question for Jizo.



The Restaurant

Jizo has finished the story of how he became a monk but Dylan has a question for him.

The whole of Wagamama has gone quiet. No banging of plates. No shuffling of feet or chairs scraping along the floor. No one moves. Everybody seems to be listening to Jizo. Then a voice breaks the silence. It’s mine, but I don’t know where it comes from. “ Can you tell us some more about meditation?”      

Jizo looks straight at me, and breaks into one of his big grins. Like he was just waiting for me to ask.  “I can do better than that. Who would like me to show them how to meditate?”

Four other hands shoot up: two girls who always wait on tables at lunch time; Toshi, the assistant cook,; and my mate Jerry.

“Good. Tomorrow after lunch we’ll go to a quiet spot I know behind the potting plants on the top terrace where I will arrange some cushions.”

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