May 7, 2023
Martin Goodson

The Buddha is a Privy Hole!

Gateway Talks

Why were the Zen masters so disrespectful to the Buddha?

38. Followers of the Way, do not take the Buddha for the supreme aim. I myself see him as a privy hole, and the Bodhisattvas and Arhats as beings who bind men with cangue and chains. This is why Manjushri grasped the sword to kill Gautama, and Anguilimalya took the knife to assassinate Shaka. 

Followers of the Way, Buddha is not to be attained. The Three Vehicles and the Five Natures, as well as the Complete and Sudden Teachings are only traces. All are but expedient means temporary remedies for curing diseases. There is no real Dharma; it is all but surface manifestations, like printed letters on a sign board to indicate the Way. This is my teaching. 

(The Zen Teaching of Rinzai; tr. Irmgard Schloegl pub. Shambhala Berkeley) 

In this podcast:

•       Understanding Rinzai’s disparagements of Zen in context.

•       The teachings of non-attachment and the Middle Way

•       The sword of Manjushri breaks the bonds of attachment & how this is used in Zen training

•       Warnings about attachments to any views even the teachings

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