Nov 20, 2022
Martin Goodson

Rinzai’s Neither Outside nor Inside

Gateway Talks

Is the truth within us or outside of us?

Followers of the Way, when I say that  there is no Dharma outside, the students do not understand and deduce it is necessary to search within themselves. Then they sit, leaning against a wall, tongue pressed to the upper palate, and remain so motionless. That they take for the patriarch’s gate of the Buddha-Dharma. What a great error!

(The Zen Teaching of Rinzai; tr. Irmgard Schloegl, pub. Shambhala 1975)


In this podcast:

•   What is Dharma?

•   Mumon’s treasures of the house v. Hogan’s ‘Is that stone inside or outside?

•   Master Mumon’s looking for fire with fire…

•   Wisdom arises out of the samadhi of the situation

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