Jan 20, 2021
Martin Goodson

The Medicine Buddha Meditations

First Aid Meditations for Troubled Times

The Medicine Buddha Meditations are a series of short meditations that can be informally used to help centre ourselves in times of upset, anxiety or disturbance.

Yakushi - Medicine Buddha, Japan


Photo by Yakushi-ji Official Page

This series of meditations use the body and its functioning to let-go from the source of our mental pain, so that we can pull our minds and hearts together to create inner space regaining equilibrium when feeling overwhelmed.


Whole Body Breathing unites body, mind and posture and is designed to be used anywhere. It is advised to practice it a few times so that it becomes familiar and natural. This will help to remember to use it in times of difficulty.

1. Whole Body Breathing

Medicine Buddha Meditations: HUM

Medicine Buddha Meditations: HO

Sky Looking & Ground Penetrating

Whole Body Listening

Flowing with the River

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