Jan 2, 2023
Martin Goodson

The Zen Gateway Review for 2022

We've gathered together the most popular articles this year for our annual review



2022 celebrated the tenth year of The Zen Gateway. We first came online in 2012 knowing that we wanted to provide authentic teachings online but not too sure how best to do so.

Our first ‘incarnation’ was as a platform where we hoped that Buddhist groups would come and provide content but it became clear that what people really wanted was a trustworthy source where they could come to get the support they needed to practice in their circumstances. What was also clear was that there were many people out there who did not have any temple or Buddhist group nearby to get this support locally. So, we changed our format and became a magazine.

As we developed the idea of the site, we realised that there were two strands that emerged. One was the provision of teachings, talks and support for individuals and groups looking for authentic Dharma (teachings), the other was to reflect the growing influence of the Dharma in all areas of life. So, we include book reviews, articles on the arts, and news related items . One piece of feedback that became noteworthy was a request for books of interest. Hence why we feature Book Extracts, in order to give ideas and inspiration for reader’s home libraries.

This year, we opened the Dharma Centre. This was following a survey of subscribers to our weekly newsletter which showed that 50% had no local group to attend but who would like to have some kind of community where they could study and practice the Dharma. Having now been up and running since February we have posted up our first course, are running monthly tutorials where we get together to ask questions about our own Zen practice as well as have weekly live-streamed Zazen meditation with a short talk on the Dharma.

Times are increasingly tough for many of us; some spiritual support can give us inner strength - a powerful ally when we have to live with uncertainty about the future.

So, before we go forward into 2023 let us look back at some of the highlights of the past 12 months. Here at The Zen Gateway, we would like to extend our gratitude to you our readers for your attention and feedback which is appreciated[AC1] . We hope you will continue to find our items useful in your own study and practice and we look forward to you continuing with us as we all walk along the Buddha’s Way into 2023.




Blog: On What Does Our Dignity Stand?: A Policy for Disaster

Is the way we think making us sick? Martin Goodson continues his blog series examining the mythic forms that underpin Western thinking and asks if, despite their contribution to our success, they are not exacerbating our problems?




Zen Bites Podcast: Shadow, Repression & Acceptance

In this episode Jamie and Martin discuss the unconditional acceptance of the shadow self, those unfavourable parts of "I', the ego, that are often repressed and not allowed in. 



A Reflection on Differences

Dr Alan Sidi ponders the importance of recognising that things can share commonality as well as being simultaneously different throughout the differing schools and traditions of Buddhism.

Zen Bites 20: Mapping the Mind

Zen Buddhism and Psychotherapy - In this final episode Jamie & Martin discuss the mythological and psychological models that have been created by different cultures across the ages, from the Norse myth of the Nine worlds to the collective unconscious.



Psychopaths, altruists and the persuasive power of the podcast

Having completed his Koan training in 2015, Dosho Port provides an excellent translation, with commentary and historical context, of these often misunderstood texts.



Novice to Master by Soko Morinaga Roshi - A Book Review by Michael Haggiag

In this warm and and often very funny autobiography, Zen Master Soko Morinaga encapsulates the inherent comedy of attempting to rid ourselves of our egos.

Troubleshooting Zen Study & Practice 45

I’ve heard you say that in daily life practice we should give ourselves wholeheartedly into what we are doing. How do I know when something is being done wholeheartedly?





 Sitātapatrā - The Way of Devotion

If protection or general healing is what you need, Sitatapatra is the Boddhisatva to call upon. Born from the top knot of the Buddha she represents the heart-mind in its  highest state.





The Limits of Human Will - The Hidden Art of Spiritual Transformation

 n the quest to rid our culture of old superstitions, we may have lost an important way of interacting with the unconscious.





This year we also published a re-telling of the Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra, a popular scripture in the Zen schools.

The Perfume Feast

Why does the ‘taxing’ nature of our world make it possible to achieve Buddhahood in one lifetime? Find out in this week’s episode of the Vimalikirti Sutra.





Verses from the Dhammapada 19

How can knowledge become an obstacle to awakening?

Tightening the Belt - Exercises in Mindfulness

Learn how to use the small, everyday things, to train a special kind of strength cultivated in Zen practice.





The Seven-Part Worship of Shantideva

How does Shantideva's formula for worship relate to the different parts of Zen Practice?

Book Extract: The Shadow Book of Ji Yun - Imperial librarian and Investigator of the Strange

A strange dancing creature appears every night on a family's estate. Bewildered and afraid, the family investigates in this Book Extract.





Daito Kokushi's Admonition - A Dharma Talk

Before his death he gave his admonition to his monk which gives the essence of his teaching and points to just that which is most important for the training of his monks.




Roberta Mansell

Ananda and the Untouchable Woman

What is it we are escaping from when we get bored? Martin explores the deeper processes that are taking place that can show us the way to awakening.

This year we also re-told the classic Chinese story of Monkey known as The Journey from the West

Chapter 11 - The Judges of the Dead

In this Episode, the Emperor faces a trial by the Judges of Death for killing the Dragon King in his dream.

This brings us up to date. We would like to thank everyone who subscribes and reads our output. After all, this is why we do it.

All that remains is to wish you all a very Happy New Year and great joy in the Dharma!

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