Jan 3, 2021

The Illuminated Lotus Sutra Chapter 3 Extract 1

The Buddha predicts Sariputra's awakening.


Roberta Mansell

The Venerable Sâriputra was thrilled and delighted to hear that full and perfect

enlightenment was possible and now without doubt or sadness rejoiced that one day he will

himself manifest Buddha wisdom.

After this speech of the venerable Sâriputra, the Lord said to him: I declare to thee, Sâriputra,

I announce to thee, in presence of this world including the gods, Mâras, and Brahmas, in

presence of this people, including ascetics and Brahmans, that thou, Sâriputra, hast been by

me made ripe for supreme, perfect enlightenment, in presence of twenty hundred thousand

myriads of kotis of Buddhas, and that thou, Sâriputra, hast for a long time followed my


Again, Sâriputra, at a future period, after innumerable, inconceivable, immeasurable Æons,

when thou shalt have learnt the true law of hundred thousand myriads of kotis of

Tathâgatas, showed devotion in various ways, and achieved the present Bodhisattva-course,

thou shalt become in the world a Tathâgata, &c., named Padmaprabha, endowed with

science and conduct, a Sugata, a knower of the world, an unsurpassed tamer of men, a

master of gods and men, a Lord Buddha.

Text based on the translation by J H C Kern.


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