Aug 21, 2021

News Round Up w/e 21st August 2021

News and snippets from Zen cyber-space

This week from Zen cyberspace, a gentle movement practice for mindfulness, breaking through cynicism and how to deal with an increasingly overwhelming news cycle.  


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California Buddhist centers evacuated, hit by wildfires Two Buddhist centers in California have been evacuated due to the Caldor Fire and Monument Fire.

A Gentle Movement Practice to Connect With Your Brave Heart In honor of The People’s Practice Conference, a 24-hour virtual mindfulness event, Boo Boafo from Urban Yoga Foundation shares a 20-minute practice to cultivate the tools to nurture, strengthen, and give courage to our fearless hearts.

“I was transported” — music legend John McLaughlin on the inspiration of “Mila Repa”The virtuoso musician’s new album is equal parts incendiary and reflective. And, as Rod Meade Sperry learns, there’s a bit of Buddhism in the mix, too.

I’m Not O.K., You’re Not O.K.—and That’s O.K. When we read the news, we might find ourselves overwhelmed with “non-OK-ness,” but Sylvia Boorstein says there are ways we can work with that feeling.

Breaking the Cycle of Cynicism - Emma Hudson talks to her husband about his Zen retreat experience. Pete Hudson thought of himself as an everyday guy who habitually bottled everything up. It was having a major detrimental effect on his life. He was angry and his marriage was breaking down. In one last-ditch attempt to save their relationship, is wife Emma asked him to attend a Zenways Breakthrough to Zen Retreat

Lessons of Covid-19. Recovering from Covid-19 has felt like a losing game of Chutes and Ladders, says hospital chaplain Kristina Pearson. She shares the lessons of impermanence, acceptance, and wise hope she’s learned along the way.

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