Jun 18, 2021

News Round Up w/e 18th June 2021

News and snippets from Zen cyber-space

This week from Zen cyber space, a practice to help prevent gossiping, what are the historically verifiable facts about the Buddha and insights gained from recovering from COVID 19.

Illustration by Natalia Lopes via the United Nations COVID-19 Response


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A 10-Minute Practice to Help Curb the Thrill of Gossiping The stories we tell about others may or may not be true, and telling them often involves a subtle breach of integrity.

What are the verifiable facts about Gautama Shakyamuni Buddha? What do archaeologists, scholars and scientists agree are the validated, authentic events?

Lessons of Covid-19 Recovering from Covid-19 has felt like a losing game of Chutes and Ladders, says hospital chaplain Kristina Pearson. She shares the lessons of impermanence, acceptance, and wise hope she’s learned along the way.

Tap into Your Inner Brilliance Brooklyn-based innovator Manoush Zomorodi talks about how to use boredom to unleash your creativity.

All the Lonely People You may be lonely, but you’re not as alone as you think. Sometimes, says Jane McLaughlin-Dobisz, you have to put your phone down and stop to taste the cookie dough.

How to Plant Yourself in an Environment that Enriches You People can help improve our lives, but they can also stunt our progress. You might find yourself frustrated, continuously trying to engage in personal growth with no result. It could be time to look outward at the company we keep.

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