May 7, 2022
Dominic Kearne

News Round Up for w/e 7th May 2022

News & snippets from Zen cyber-space

This week from Zen Cyber Space, redefining the relationship between science and religion plus an interview with John Daio Loori, Abbot of abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery


From featured article

On the Intersection of Science and Religion Over the centuries, the relationship between science and religion has ranged from conflict and hostility to harmony and collaboration, while various thinkers have argued...

Buddhistdoor View: A Buddhist Country in Crisis The island country of Sri Lanka is almost bankrupt. The treasury holds foreign debt of US $25 billion, with US $7 billion due for repayment this year. 

Straight Ahead An interview with John Daido Loori John Daido Loori is the abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery (ZMM) in Mt. Tremper, New York. He is a Dharma heir of Hakyu Taizan Maesumi Roshi, founder of the White Plum Asanga, and has received transmission in both the Rinzai and Soto lines of Zen. 

Buddhist Nun Teaches Sustainability at Stanford with Korean Temple Cuisine The Venerable Jeong Kwan Seunim visited Stanford University on 2 May to offer a demonstration of Korean temple cuisine. 

Breathing A poem by the late Thich Nhat Hanh, from his collection of poetry Call Me by my True Names.

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