Jun 5, 2022
Martin Goodson

News Round Up for w/e 5th June 2022

News & snippets from Zen cyber-space

This week, Filmmaker Dan Coplan writes about his experience of turning an ancient Buddhist parable into a political thriller.


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Meditation and Zen Practice Evening (Online Event)Starting at 7pm (UK time) there will be a short introduction, followed by sitting and chanting. From about 7.50pm to 8.30pm there will be a talk with practice guidance and an opportunity to ask questions.

Buddhism's future called into question As reports pile up on monks behaving badly, large numbers of young people turn away from the Kingdom's culturally defining faith

How I Turned an Ancient Buddhist Parable into a Contemporary No-Budget Political Thriller Filmmaker Dan Coplan on the making of his latest movie, 8 Winds, starring Robert Davi, which is now available to stream.

A Buddhist Case For Becoming Vegetarian, by Philip Kapleau Free ebook

Bodhidharma – The Life of the legendary Da Mo, founder of Shaolin: an epic journey from India to China

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