Jul 24, 2022

News Round Up for w/e 24th July 2022

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Thailand: Century-old stone sculptures displayed at Emerald Buddha Temple Stone sculptures over 100 years old that were recently excavated from beneath the wall of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha went on display at the Grand Palace in Bangkok

Buddhist Photographs of Japan in 1865n You can see many more of these wonderful photograph on the ...

A Gentle Movement Practice to Connect With Your Brave Heart In honor of The People’s Practice Conference, a 24-hour virtual mindfulness event, Boo Boafo from Urban Yoga Foundation shares a 20-minute practice to cultivate the tools to nurture, strengthen, and give courage to our fearless hearts.

Chinese Court Upholds Ruling Ordering Return of Zhang Gong Patriarch Buddhist Statue The provincial High People’s Court in Fujian, China, announced on Tuesday that it would uphold a lower court’s order that Dutch Art collector...

What is Ecoanxiety, and How Can Mindfulness Help? Climate change is happening right now and it is affecting people all over the world. Here are three ways to be with the difficult emotions that arise in consequence and continue to be engaged with the process of finding a solution.

Marici — “Ray of Light” Bodhisattva Goddess — protective Bodhisattva for “turbulent times”; aspect of glorious Mother Tara: includes Dharani mantra

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