Nov 20, 2021

News Round Up for w/e 20th November 2021

News & snippets from Zen cyber-space

This week, a website sells 14-foot-tall ‘Trump Buddha’ statue and 5 steps to wind down and fall asleep.

Trump in mediation


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Chinese website sells 14-foot-tall ‘Trump Buddha’ statue A statue of Mr Trump sitting cross-legged like the Enlightened One can be yours for just $614

The Itch Science Can’t Scratch Andy Karr reflects on the dichotomy between knowledge, truth, and the insatiable hunger for more in our modern world.

Connecting the Past and Present of Shugendo – The Revival of Japan’s Ancient Mountain Ascetic Tradition, Part Seven

5 Steps to Wind Down and Fall Asleep A bedtime meditation to stop tossing and turning, and get some quality shut-eye.

This Floating World Zen teacher Joan Sutherland on life’s dreamlike nature and why it should be embraced.
The Math Koan The practice of koan study isn’t so different from teaching math, says high school teacher Pat Higgiston.


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