Sep 19, 2021

News Round Up for w/e 19th September 2021

News and snippets from Zen cyber space

If you’re not trying to get somewhere, says Judy Lief, nothing can stop you.

Photo from featured article by Lion's Roar



Meditation and Zen Practice- Online and in person hybrid event This monthly Zen practice afternoon is a hybrid event and newcomers with no previous experience are welcome. 

Commentary: Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal and Buddhism’s Theology of Lament Former Marine and Buddhist teacher Alex Kakuyo reflects on his emotions while witnessing the United States’ recent withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Nothing Is Wasted If you use your difficulties to create art, says Ruth Ozeki, it will give them meaning.

How to Shift Direction When You Feel Stuck Recognize, release, and refocus your emotions with this five-step practice from Elisha Goldstein

Will I Get More Time This Time? A Zen teacher and cancer survivor is hospitalized during the pandemic.

We Need More Heart It’s not just about mind and meditation, says Ravi Mishra. To meet the needs of this time, Buddhists must take special care to develop their hearts.

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