Sep 12, 2021

News Round Up for w/e 12th September 2021

News and snippets from Zen cyber space

This week from Zen cyberspace, Myanmar releases vitriolic monk responsible for religious violence, why mindfulness on its own is not enough and choosing to be healthy. 

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Why Mindfulness Isn’t Enough Scholar Sarah Shaw explains why mindfulness must work together with ethics, compassion, and wisdom — in Buddhism and in life.

ASI expert claims discovery of two lost vajrasanas in Bodhgaya Different emperors and kings had down the centuries installed three so-called diamond thrones or enlightenment thrones under the famous Bodhi (peepal) tree 

Choosing to be Healthy Lifestyle habits can hopefully be viewed in a more positive context than the nagging “shoulds” that we wrestle with daily. Good habits can provide us with more passion, energy and perseverance, both now and in the long term.

The S.T.O.P. Practice: Creating Space Around Automatic Reactions Rhonda Magee takes us through this simple portable mindfulness practice she uses to find calm when difficult moments arise.

Karnataka Govt To Omit Controversial Religious Texts Blaming Vaidika Dharma From School Books The government will form a high-level committee to take a look at all such contentious issues in Class 1 to 10 textbooks, sources said. The committee is being formed as objections came for the controversial text in the Social Science subject Part 1, prescribed for 6th standard students.

Myanmar’s Military Releases Vitriolic Monk Ashin Wirathu Without offering further details, the junta stated that all charges against the so-called “Buddhist Bin Laden” had been dropped. Plus, Bhutanese monks support sexual education and Pasadena Buddhist temple hosts COVID-19 vaccine clinic. Tricycle looks back at the events of this week in the Buddhist world.


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