Sunday, June 25th
- Dominic Kearne

News Round Up for w/e 25th July 2023

News and snippets from Zen Cyber space


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Buddhist monk says these 5 morning routines will help you start your day better Nick Keomahavong, a Theravada Buddhist monk, speaks about seeking stillness within the mind to power one's day.

How (and why) to enjoy a 700-year-old painting of Buddhist suffering “Jizo understands that the death of the Buddha isn’t something to be sad about, but, rather, it’s the goal of it all,” says Rio. “He’s achieved eternal bliss because he stops existing.”

Leaves and Moss by Trevor Leggett When I was first given a courtyard to sweep, I thought to myself, as foreigners tend to do, ‘Well, I may not be as good as some of these professionals at sitting in meditation, and perhaps I don’t always understand what’s said to me, but this I can do, and I’ll do it perfectly, absolutely perfectly.’

What is your original nature prior to the manifestation of space? Master Kusan “Limitless space is what is manifested by enlightenment.” All you monks endowed with the Dharma Eye, speak! What is your original nature prior to the manifestation of space?"

Step into the mystical world of Tibet with the Tashi Lhunpo Monks: Unique cultural experience at Quay Arts Discover Tibetan culture as Tashi Lhunpo Monks celebrate 50 years at Quay Arts – a weekend of culture, colour and music.