Sunday, June 18th
- Martin Goodson

News Round Up for w/e 18th June 2023

News and Snippets from Zen Cyber-space

This week, Buddhism faces a “Life or Death Struggle” in Japan and a Zen metaphor of the mind as a snow globe.

Weekly Toyo Keizai: Buddhism Facing a “Life or Death Struggle” in Japan This comprehensive, 32-page feature in the business weekly, which is aimed at executives, entrepreneurs, and investors, outlines how a “life or death struggle” is unfolding among the Buddhist community. 

What is Theravada Buddhism? A scholar of Asian religions explains.

Rebirth Part 2: Is There Scientific Evidence of Rebirth? In our present world, driven with science and rationality, the opinion is divided about the existence of the phenomenon of reincarnation. However, scientists have routinely been presented with evidence to at least partially support the notion of rebirth.

Zen Buddhism and Western Philosophy: Snow globes and mind of winter; logic and wisdom; noumenon and phenomenon.

How We Perceive and Are Perceived: Memory Map, the Art of Jaune Quick-to-See Smith "As an engaged Buddhist, I find it imperative to interact with artists and works that explore what it means to be fully human and alive today. Addressing such conundrums as the “meaning of life,” how humans hurt one another, and what awareness is; how awareness includes both ultimate and relative levels, intertwined, is one facet of the arts"