Sunday, September 3rd

News Round Up for w/e 3rd of September 2023

News and snippets from Zen Cyber-Space

From Zen Cyber-Space: The London Zen center will be holding an online meditation event and what Buddhism can do to inform humanity's venture back into space.


The London Zen Center

Meditation and Zen Practice Evening- Hybrid Event (online attendance) Tickets, Tue 12 Sep 2023 at 19:00 Starting at 7pm there will be a short introduction, followed by sitting and chanting.  From about 7.50pm to 8.30pm there will be a talk with practice guidance and an opportunity to ask questions. Newcomers with no previous experience are welcome.

Should We All Be Meditating? Are there science-based benefits from taking time out to meditate?

Vienna in the Silicon Pure Land: Feeling into the Dharma of Emerging Technology Cornered by riot police at both ends of an underpass in central Kuala Lumpur, Vienna Looi smelled tear gas begin to fill the enclosed space. Panic spread...

'Buddhist bin Laden' monk feted by Myanmar junta chief A firebrand monk dubbed the "Buddhist bin Laden" for his role in stirring up religious hatred in Myanmar received a national award on Tuesday, with the junta saluting his work in the country.

Buddhism on space sustainability As more and more players push boundaries toward space exploration, it is crucial to take inspiration and apply the old-age wisdom of Buddhism and other religions and cultures to ensure a sustainable future for all.