Sunday, February 5th
- Dominic Kearne

News Round Up for w/e 5th February 2023

News and snippets from Zen-Cyberspace

This week: The London Zen Center will be hosting an online meditation event and what the film Ground Hog Day and Zen practice have in common.


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Shobo-an Zen Temple 7th February, Meditation and Zen Practice Evening (hybrid event), 7pm-8.30pm GMT

Groundhog Day "One might argue that the whole purpose of Zen Buddhism is to wake you up to this simple fact: this is your life. This is it. And that’s not a depressing thought, but a joyful one. This is it! This is my life!"

Undertones in Myanmar: Junta, Buddhism, Youth How is Myanmar's Junta justifying their power grab?

Aziz Dheri and the footprints of Buddhism in K-P Buddhist remains in Swabi of the Gandharan civilisation, include the largest stupa found in the subcontinent.

Thirteen Years of Monastic Life: In reflecting on her journey since ordaining as a Buddhist nun, Sister Tri Nghiem highlights the importance of a sense of family and belonging.