Sunday, January 22nd
- Martin Goodson

News Round Up for w/e 22nd January 2023

News and snippets from Zen Cyber space

This week from Zen Cyberspace, is Buddhism being sold as a path to happiness for those who can afford it?


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Rise and fall of Indian Buddhism was a stranger, more exciting process than we know Andhra was once as foreign to Buddhism as China was. Its conversion to the religion took many innovations, including worship of the dead.

Buddhistdoor View: The Place of Expertise and Experience in Buddhism Today —selling Buddhism as a path to happiness to those who can afford the often-high price of admission.

A tale of two temples: The historical competition between Enryaku-ji and Mii-dera Enryaku-ji (or Mt Hiei generally) is often referred to as the mother of Japanese Buddhism. Yet, this “mother” has a sister temple

Study of Buddhist Monks Suggests Deep Meditation Improves Gut Microbiome for Better Health A new, small-scale study, published on 16 January in the open-access journal General Psychiatry, suggests that ...

Watch: New Thich Nhat Hanh documentary “I Have Arrived, I Am Home” Filmmaker Max Pugh’s new documentary I Have Arrived, I Am Home marks the first anniversary of the passing of Thich Nhat Hanh. Watch it now