Saturday, May 27th

News Round Up for w/e 27th May 2023

News and Snippets from Zen Cyber-Space

This week, why the Buddha has so many different birthdays across the world and an interview with the late Tina Turner and her experience with Buddhist practice.


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Tina Turner Buddhist Practice Absolutely, Indestructibly Happy. An interview with Tina Turner.

Book Review: The Treasury of the Eye of True Meaning It seems that the lessons don’t change as the human condition really doesn’t appear to have changed much either. And yet modern science is only just quantifying what was known so long ago; that this is all an illusion...

Seoul’s Festival of Light Marks the Birth of the Buddha in a Blaze of Color Korea’s annual Yeondeunghoe (연등회) festival of light, popularly known as the Lotus Lantern Festival and traditionally held in the spring to mark the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha...

Pastor Jerome Saga: Buddhist perspective Do these self-proclaimed protectors of the Buddha Sasana have an inkling of how the Compassionate One reacted to abuse and blame?

Happy birthday, Buddha! Why the founder of Buddhism has so many different birthdays around the world