Friday, May 19th
- Dominic Kearne

News Round Up for w/e 19th May 2023

News and Snippets from Zen cyber-space

Elizabeth Weissberg spends a week shadowing Buddhist practitioners on retreat and much more...


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Four Steps to Magical Powers Before you fully embark on the path of the bodhisattvas and buddhas, says Chan master Sheng Yen, you must first practice the four steps to magical powers. What are these steps and what are the magical powers you need?

Meditation and Psychotherapy, by Ajahn Sumedho I was invited to a conference in Gloucestershire not so long ago which was all about dealing with spiritual crises. There were therapists, psychiatrists and counsellors there talking about mindfulness...

A Guided Tour of Indra’s Net with Yingzhao Liu I went looking for my tribe and discovered that they are far-flung around the planet, seeded into different communities and cultures, but bound together in an intentional impact network of kindred spirits, namely engaged Buddhist practitioners.

They moved to a Buddhist retreat in rural America. Have they found happiness? Nestled in Arkansas, the Buddhist center is remote and summers are sweltering. I spent a week shadowing practitioners to learn whether it changed them in the ways they had hoped

Buddhist Monks in Thailand Accused of Embezzling Temple Funds Seven Buddhist monks and two others are being held after being arrested for allegedly embezzling cash and items worth a total of 300 million baht (US$8.9 million).