Saturday, November 5th

News Round Up: 5th November 2022

News & snippets from Zen Cyber-Space

The lastest news and snippets from Zen cyberspace.


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Beginner’s Mind: A Day Alongside Dukkha Reflections of a US college student on undertaking to observe the eight precepts.

Has the modern world discovered the ancient truths of Buddhism or simply invented a new version? For many people, Buddhism appears to be uniquely compatible with modern lifestyles and world views. 

Stillness in the Moment Filmed at the beautiful Daibutsu statue in Kamakura, Japan, observe the profound stillness, regardless of what happens.

How to Be Weird Eric G. Wilson explains how we can see the strangeness in reality, and how examining the “weird” can help us understand the essence of life.

Einstein and Contemplation by John Aske In my garden, there lived a cat. Seeing it one morning, elegantly tipping the milk bottle so as not to spill the contents, one of my flatmates christened it Einstein...