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News Round Up: 11th November 2022

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Unravelling The Scrolls That May Rewrite Buddhist History...


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Embrace the mysterious and profound with Zen "yugen" Foster your own moments of mystery.

A Practice for Opening the Cage Before we can be free, we often need to be able to imagine ourselves free.

Student Becomes Teacher – A View into Guru Yoga, Part Two: Yeshe Tsogyal No one exemplifies the perfect enactment of guru yoga the way Yeshe Tsogyal has. As a student, teacher, then..

Unravelling the scrolls that may rewrite Buddhist history Newly discovered scrolls from Gandhara open a window into a crucial phase of Buddhism’s history.

Buddha idol seized in Amritsar about 2000 years old, falls under 'antiquity' category: May have its origin in the Gandhara School of Art; tentatively datable to 2nd or 3rd CE