Sunday, January 8th
- Martin Goodson

News Round Up for w/e 8th January 2023

News and snippets from Zen Cyber space

This week, the big lie an astronaut learned when he travelled to space.


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I went to space and discovered an enormous lie What astronaut Ron Garan saw in space changed his life forever – here’s what it taught him.

The Beginnings of Mahayana Buddhism Five hundred years after the Buddha’s death, a radically new version of Buddhism was born and spread with its new teachings along the Silk Road into China. This new version became known as...

Translation, Transmission, and the Act of Surrender In a special feature, two highly trained translators, Cinthia Font, in conversation with Mariana Restrepo, and Lama Karma Yeshe Chodron, share not only the place the translator holds in the transmission of the dharma, but also how it feels to sit in that seat and hold that responsibility.

Anula Stupa Relics Unearthed: New Excavations Illuminate the Women’s Order in Sri Lanka and Around the World.

Mahayana New Year 2023: Mahayana New Year is celebrated this year on January 7 by Buddhists around the world. Let’s know more about it!