Sunday, March 5th
- Dominic Kearne

News Round Up for w/e 5ht March 2023

News and Snippets from Zen Cyber-Space

This week from Zen Cyberspace, scientific studies suggest that meditation can quiet the restless brain and water also confirmed to be wet.


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No Worries Sylvia Boorstein addresses a mental affliction we don’t often talk about in spiritual terms. It’s a big problem for her, and maybe for you—worrying.

‘Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam peacefully co-existed in Bhanbhore’ Dr Valeria Piacentini Fiorani has been a professor (now retired) of history and institutions of the...

Buddhistdoor View: We’ll Get the AI We DeserveNew York Times tech reporter’s unsettling conclusion to his chat with Microsoft’s Sydney, an AI chatbot built into the Bing search engine, which exhibits some rather disturbing attributes that are a far cry from traditional dystopian visions of AI.

The science and art of controlling a restless mind Studies suggest that meditation can quiet the restless brain.

Legendary Jazz Saxophonist and Nichiren Buddhist Wayne Shorter Dies Aged 89 The pioneering American jazz musician Wayne Shorter, a longtime practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism and a member of Soka Gakkai International, who was renowned for his