Saturday, September 3rd
- Dominic Kearne

News Round Up for w/e 3rd September 2022

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25 Calming Activities For Kids With Anxiety This article will give you activities and tools to help your child cope with anxiety. Test them and see which ones help your child.\

Mahakala: Miracles of Great Black and the Dalai Lama Three Men in Black, the Mahakala brothers, the Dalai Lama, and a crow.

The Meaning of Tea – A Few Remembrances We sat in silence in a semi-circle, watching our teacher prepare the tea. Slowly, mindfully, in tune—actions and implements as one.

How to Follow the Bodhisattva Path Without Burning Out Connecting with the unified field of life can help relieve suffering and make us all feel at home.

“The Dalai Lama will see you now” — chapter excerpt from Threads of Awakening by Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo.