Saturday, August 13th
- Dominic Kearne

News Round Up for w/e 13th August 2022

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Buddhistdoor View: European Decline – Why is Buddhism the Continent’s Fastest-Shrinking Faith?

Learning about Buddhism through yokai, ghosts KYOTO, Japan - There is a prestigious temple in a popular tourist area of Kyoto City that transforms itself into a haunted temple in the summer. Ghosts and yokai supernatural beings...

Buddhist-inspired Short Film Sparks Debate among Indian Buddhists A short film by director Pa Ranjith called Dhammam has given rise to controversy among Buddhists in...

Crackdown on Tibetan Buddhism in Guangdong Dissatisfied with CCP-controlled Buddhism, believers invite Tibetan monks. This should be stopped, state Buddhist bureaucrats say.

Geshema Examinations for Tibetan Buddhist Nuns Begin in Dharamsala The Tibetan Nuns Project, a US-registered charity based in Seattle and in the Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, India, has announced ...