Sunday, November 20th
- Dominic Kearne

News Round Up: 20th November 2022

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The challenging journey that led to Nara's crown jewel..


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The Decline of Buddhism in Thailand Social pressures, echoes of corruption hamper an age-old religion.

Lost 8th-century Japanese medical text by Buddhist monk has been found The surviving 766 prescriptions include recipes for soups, powders, pills, and ointments.

Landmark US Study Underscores the Efficacy of Mindfulness Practices A landmark scientific study conducted by researchers in the United States has highlighted the efficacy of mindfulness meditation and practices in reducing...

The challenging journey that led to Nara's crown jewel | The Japan Times In the fourth century, Japan was still prehistoric. In the fifth it acquired (Chinese) literacy; in the sixth, (Chinese-style) Buddhism; in the seventh, (Chinese-style) laws and government; in the eighth, its ...

The Mystery of the Dual System of Vajrayana Chakras The Buddhist chakras, except for a few specific tantras, are described as five in nature. You would naturally expect them to stack up according to their hierarchy...