Sep 12, 2020
Martin Goodson

Troubleshooting Zen Study & Practice 31

In this podcast, is explored the relationship between Zen and Huayen, the philosophical basis for Zen practice. Huayen, based on the Avatamsaka sutra uses the holographic imagery of Indra's net to point at the true nature of reality. These insights form the basis for Koan training in Zen.

Vairocana Buddha at Nara



Q) If the philosophical underpinnings of Chan (emptiness & oneness and so forth) came out of the Huayen school, were these Buddhists in close contact with Chan Buddhists? Did Chan Buddhism come to these similar ideas by coincidence, or is it possible that Chan itself emerged out of the the Huayan school?

In this podcast:

  • Development of Chinese Buddhism collective arising.

  • Emptiness sunyata and oneness samadhi from Indian Buddhism

  • The interrelationship of Chan/Huayen

  • Dependent origination and Indra’s net a Chinese rendition of relationship

  • Fa-tsang (3rd patriarch of Huayen), rafter and house. Sameness and difference

  • Five ranks of koans

  • Book recommendations

Troubleshooting Zen Study & Practice 31